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Hawking Alpha is a capital and risk management business with the sole objective of achieving the best risk-adjusted return for our clients.  The company achieves this goal with its deeply integrated global top-down, bottom-up, multi-strategy investment approach that has its core focus on when and where to exit an asset. With its multi-pronged investment process, the management team holds a combined 30 years of experience in modeling, testing, and trading profitably long/short global equities, currencies, futures, and derivatives.

Hawking Alpha employs systematic investment strategies tailored specifically to the client’s needs and risk tolerances. Systems are designed to be robustly adaptive and the product suite includes programs in global equities, forex, futures, and options.


Paul and Josh first met in 2008 and from that day continued to work together passing along information back and forth while each person was working on their individual pursuits in the financial industry.  In 2012, as Mr. King’s non-compete clause was winding down and complete, Josh and Paul joined together to begin working more closely.  They both recognized their equal desire to provide value missing in the investment community by generating the best risk adjusted returns possible given client’s objectives and constraints.This continued into 2013 as they built their individual managed accounts together and in 2014 formed Hawking Alpha LLC.

The team at Hawking has continually refined their proprietary, systematic, and robust approach to trading global markets for the past decade.  The complete suite of complementary trading programs has been continually improved and refined.

Since first working together over ten years ago, Mr. King and Hawes have developed their vision to profit from active participation in electronic markets by utilizing the advances in technology and today's efficient global market access.  Trading around the clock in multiple markets and multiple asset classes, in the same manner as a firm like Goldman Sachs, we have a unique blend of exposure to optimal trading strategies and time frames to meet our client's needs.

In essence, technology allows Hawking to offer billion dollar fund performance and infrastructure in a boutique setting. It is our goal to implement global strategies, momentum strategies, commodity strategies, market making strategies, and cash strategies in one cohesive, risk-management environment that is tailored specifically to client performance objectives and risk tolerance.

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