Paul King:

Paul King

Mr. King is the Head of Research and Development of Hawking Alpha, as well as an investment manager.  Mr. King was an investment manager and managing partner for a proprietary trading operation, Emblumoven LP, a group specializing in long/short trading strategies focused on global equities, currencies, futures, bonds, and derivatives.  He continues to provide consulting for multiple financial organizations on their trading strategies as well as front-end asset management products and risk management expertise.

Paul’s career started with an education from Staffordshire University, UK, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Information Systems with First Class Honors.  From there, he was a systems engineer and project manager AT&T UK. Paul left AT&T to engage in a consulting agreement with Merrill Lynch in their debt derivatives division in Manhattan where his task was to design, test, and deploy a new version of Merrill’s Cash Manager System for the conversion to the new European currency that needed to be deployed in 14 countries.  This job included the need for a fully automated regression testing environment as well as a management environment of massive amounts of data. From there Paul then worked with the company made famous by the book Dark Pools: Instinet. After starting on the technology-side of the Transaction Cost Analysis division of the organization, Paul’s work subsequently focussedon the business-side of the Analytical Trading Division.

Since leaving Instinet in 2002 to form his own company, he has been the CEO of PMKing Trading LLC, where he manages the task of trading system research, testing, development and automated implementation.  Over the last 10 years he has created his own proprietary online trade management software environment called, “Positive Alpha”.   Mr. King is noted author of the books  “The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Trading Business” and  “Protect your Wealth from the Ravages of Inflation.” Paul also holds the Series 65 Investment Managers certification in the US and the Investment Management Certificate Level 3 in the UK. 

Josh Hawes:

Josh Hawes

Mr. Hawes is the Risk Officer and Investment Manager of Hawking Alpha.  Mr. Hawes founded and ran a 20 million dollar hedge fund in 2010 specializing on a unique long/short strategy utilizing ETF’s and US equities.  Implemented in parallel was a complimentary options derivative strategy designed to act as a smoothing mechanism to the equity curve and mitigate draw-downs.  From that time he has also been the lead designer of a high frequency trading algorithm designed to be a market neutral automated intraday system on over 1,000 equities simultaneously with an overriding umbrella structure.  Currently he continues to run managed accounts for high net worth individuals with his partner Paul King.

Josh graduated with a degree in wireless software engineering with a network security analysis specialty.  He wasa senior thesis award winner on frequency analysis for signal noise isolation, and also attained a minor in business from Auburn University.  With his strong desire to understand every aspect of professional trading from floor trader, to the management of the investor, Josh had unofficial internships with two major investment firms before going off in his next pursuit of learning the common strategies from the best of the best .

Mr. Hawes has consulted for multiple hedge funds and proprietary trading shops on system development and also proprietary capital allocation and execution models he has developed.  Josh holds his Series 65, and is currently a Certified Hedge Fund Professional Level 1 and 2, Portfolio Analytics, as well as a Qualified Family Office Professional.

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